Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Human Adventure is Just Beginning

Greetings, Gentle Readers, and welcome to the final Louisiana entry from your friendly, neighborhood Marius. The truck is packed tighter than a Green Day concert, the house is an off-white echo chamber, my back is killing me from sleeping on the floor last night, and we are in the final pre-launch countdown. Within 4 hours we shall bid farewell to Pineville, and wend our way southward to the sun-drenched shores of our beloved Florida. There is a kind of anesthesia in the moving process, since I am so freaking exhausted it's dulling the ache of saying good bye to so many friends. But they know how dearly they shall be missed, and that I will be staying in close contact. And for those from whose bosoms we have been so long separated, we'll see you soon. :-)

Next entry: The Journey!

Fare thee well.

Marius the Weary

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