Thursday, May 19, 2005

Boxes...Boxes...Boxes...My Life in a Cardboard Cube

Bubble wrap...why'd it have to be bubble wrap? We here at The Corner are in full-on packing mode. The Mother-In-Law is here to assist in the move, which is a very welcome thing. My wife's mom and I get along very well, so I'm glad for the help. The only downside is that this little house in which we live is cramped when it's just the three of us. With four of us we are constantly bumping into each other.

Tonight Tammy is hosting a party for us, and has invited the entire local theatre community. I am both looking forward to it, since it will be our last chance to see most of these folks, but I am also dreading it for exactly the same reason. I'm sure that it will, ultimately, be a fun event. I just hope I don't get all weepy and stuff. ;-)

Ok, time to continue packing. Take care, gentle readers.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Marius! We need your take on Star Wars Ep. III ASAP!! I went to see it on Thursday but cannot form my own opinion until I get your take. Doug