Thursday, October 01, 2009

And Thus It Begins

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit folks, and welcome to BLOGTOBER!!!!(you have to read that like it's a cheesy radio promo: deep voice, lots of reverb, and exaggerated syllables) I intend to give you wonderful readers a post a day for the next month. Hopefully that will restart my blogging engine and keep me posting more frequently. Unless, of course, the screams of 'dear God, nooooo!'become too loud.

Anyway, have a great October 1st. See you tomorrow.



flurrious said...

I am afraid.

Stinkypaw said...


weathereye said...

I will read this aloud in a cheesy radio voice, and it will go viral.

celebhith said...

God bless you. . .You've got more ooomph and stamina than I'll ever have! I await your blogs with bated breath!