Monday, October 05, 2009

Teacher Gets Schooled

Today I got showed up...shown one of my students. I needed to instruct the person who will be running the sound on the next show how to edit audio. I decided to go ahead and show the whole class. Granted this is something that is normally taught in my Sound and Lighting Design course, but I thought it would be fun for my Stagecraft class too. So I hooked the laptop to a projector and proceeded to let them bask in the fount of Audacity knowledge that I garnered from nearly a year of podcasting. To quote Merlin from Excalibur, "There's always something cleverer than yerself!" One of my more energetic students is a freshman who is very, very enthusiastic, and apparently knows a lot about Audacity(that's the audio editing software I use, BTW). He sat right up front and kept contradicting me. At first it was annoying, but after the third time he was proven right I swallowed my pride and let him teach me a thing or two. It ended up being a good class, and some of the things he showed us will greatly streamline my podcast editing.

Other than that today has gone out of its way to live up to the old Garfield saw, "I hate Mondays."

See y'all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

If that kids puts together an Audacity tutorial (offering extra credit this semester?) , please pass it my way. I use that program too for my class, and I know none of the tricks.

rosebuckle said...

Good for you, pushing that pesky ego out of the way :)

Stinkypaw said...

Not always wasy to swallow our pride, but often worth the effort. Good for you, you're still the man! ;-)

weathereye said...

This tale sums you up perfectly: always looking to share knowledge, while knowing it goes both ways.

Did your face get all red and stuff?