Saturday, October 03, 2009

S-A-T-U-R-DAY, Hey!

Yippee! Yahoo! It's Saturday!!! Not that I have anything other than much sloth and podcast editing on the agenda, but at least I don't have to drive anywhere. Starbuck, reigning felitard and lummox, has neglected his alarm clock duties all week, allowing me to sleep 'in' until 5:30 every morning. So, of course, today he remembered that I'm not allowed to sleep that long and woke me at both 4:30 and 5:00! If he was any more of a pain in the ass I'd have to smear hemorrhoid cream on him.

Sorry about the meerkat pic cop-out yesterday. It was an overall shitty day, with some financial crises mixed in with a higher than usual child aggro level, so I was not really in a good frame of mind. But today is better.

If I might talk about the podcast for just a bit. Starbase 66 has been far more successful then I could ever have wished, but we want more! We are averaging between 1200-1600 downloads per show, which is good, but not great, so I was wondering if you lovely folks would do me a favor. If you have a blog, or some other way to distribute visual media, would you please post this picture somewhere that folks can see it?

Now let me say that if you do not wish to do this there will be absolutely no hard feelings, and I won't ask anything like this again, and I'll still be your friend, etc. etc. But if you can/do help me out I will be forever grateful. :-) And if there is any way I can return the favor, you have but to ask.

In other news I had a couple of biopsies taken from my pasty hide a couple of weeks ago(why is it that doctors always reach for the melon-baller when they see me coming?)and the tests came back benign. I'd say hooray, and indeed I am relieved since I have already had a couple of cancerous bits carved out of me in the past, but a benign biopsy takes just as many stitches as a malignant one. Ah well, the stitches came out on Thursday and all is well. Aren't you glad you know that now?

And that's all I've got right now, gentle readers. If anything interesting arises you'll be the first to know. :-)



Anonymous said...

I just mopped the floor so of course the little housebeast hacked up a mondo hairball right in the middle of my nice clean floor. At least it's not in the middle of the bed like last time. Cats. Feh.

celebhith said...

I <3 you, Marius!