Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Word Soup

I don't quite know what this post will be about, other than it will certainly contain consonants, vowels, and maybe even a preposition or two. I may go crazy and insert a parenthetical phrase(just because I can), and if I get to feeling really froggy I may just dangle a participle at you.

But enough with vocabutacular vacuity, on with the show. I'm trying to think of a witty observation, or perhaps a shocking anecdote, or hell even a half-way decent fart joke, but alas my mental Old Mother Hubbard has forgotten to go to Wal-Mart again, and thus...unclothed synaptic cabinetry. Did I tell you all that I dreampt that I was to play Tony Stark in the next Iron Man movie? No? Good, don't want to frighten the faint of heart. Fortunately, on this planet anyway, there is a very low, but granted higher than zero, chance that I will ever be confused with Robert Downey, Jr. Morton Downey, maybe.(and if you remember him, we're having tapioca after Bingo tonight) But it was cool to fly around my dreamscape in the Iron Man suit.


So I have yet to hear from anyone who has ever seen a wild squirrel take a crap, therefore using the Creationist Method I must deduce that squirrels simply eat, and eat, and eat, and then eventually explode.

Are you still there? For the pete of sake, why?! Well, actually I am kinda grateful that you guys keep coming back. No, strike that, I'm extremely grateful that y'all keep coming back. I'm still planning to post daily in Blogtober, although if this is any foreshadowing of things to come, you may just want to set up a tent in flurrious's neck of the woods.

Have I mentioned how wonderful Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is? Did you know they won an Emmy? Well it is, and they did. Nyah!

I'm really hoping that this new Zombieland movie will suck so badly that the zombie thing finally dies down a little. It used to be you could have civil conversations about Romero's movies, and the pretenders that followed, but now you say 'zombie' and people go nuts!Everyone has a plan for the Zombie Apocalypse(tm), their favorite weapons picked out, vehicles and stores scouted. And, of course, the eternally boring debate between fast/smart zombies and slow/stupid zombies. That conversation always makes me yearn for the Star Trek vs. Star Wars civility and mutual respect.(engage the sarcasmotron)

So as I await the Ambien I took to shut my brain down one deck at a time until I start singing Bicycle Built for Two ever more slowly, I'm going to wrap this up now. If you are still here you are indeed an intrepid, brave, or just foolishy stubborn soul, and so I will steal an idea from flurrious.(she's too far away to hit me...I think) For getting this far you deserve an award. I'll admit my shop-fu is weak, but I'll come up with something. So tell me an award you think you deserve, and I'll make it so.

And so, for now, and later, and maybe even last week, ta-ta.



Purple Pigeon said...

I'm sooooo over the Zompocolypse. I'm getting ready for the more exciting Massive Creature Apocolypse or the infinately more fun Germ Apocolypse (only if I'm immune) cuz i won't have to fight anything, I'll just get to drive around empty streets without worrying that someone will cut out in front of me.

flurrious said...

Why are you sending your readers to me? Have they offended you in some way? Not to worry then, I'm on it!

I would like the Woodchuck Medal of Valor.

flurrious said...

Oh, I almost forgot: Meerkats!

Turtle said...

UF has a contingency plan for zombie attack. http://chalkboard.blogs.gainesville.com/11334/uf-site-has-emergency-plan-for-zombie-attack/

They even have a form for employees to fill out after dispatching zombie co-workers...