Saturday, October 06, 2007

To George W. Bush on The S-Chip Veto(avert your eyes, Zo-Zo)

Dear Mr. President,
F**k you! F**ck you and the horse you rode in on! How dare you claim, after nearly seven years of the most egregious fiscal irresponsibility imaginable, that funding health care for the poorest children in this country is a bad idea! Your pathetic reasoning, that it allows for families making up to $83K a year to receive benefits, and that it takes us one step closer to socialized medicine, is patently ridiculous. The first instance requires a special waiver and specific government approval, which has yet to be given by the way, and the second is just preposterous. When we lived in Louisiana, and my wife was not working, we were able to keep our daughter on the La-Chip program, and all it did was act as any other insurance program. And thank God it was available since we could never have afforded her medication without it. The government never told us what doctor to use. Claiming that expanding S-Chip will lead to socialized medicine is as ludicrous as saying that gay marriage will lead to bestiality. I doubt you and the rest of your silver spoon sucking family have ever had to worry about whether you could afford to get your children in to see a doctor. Well here's a news flash for you, Putz! Even those of us who have jobs can't always afford the costs of health care. Have you ever had to decide between gas for the car, or your kids medication? I seriously doubt it. And while you're sticking it to the middle classes, your big business special interest cronies are lining up for your own brand of socialized, government hand jobs. Nice. As a taxpayer I would much rather see my tax dollars go toward helping a family in Louisiana keep their children healthy, then toward helping Blackwater murder civilians in Iraq, or keeping some Saudi sheik in silver plated cars.

So in summery, Mr. President. F**k you, just like you've f***ed us.



Anonymous said...

Cannot agree more strongly.
Amen, Brother.

Will he never learn
"You reap what you sow"
Hell is going to be something
really special for him.
Don't see repentance coming in at the last minute to save his soul.

God save us all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what you said! I could not agree with you more!

I have Florida Kidcare for my child, and she's the only one with healtcare. And although she is healthy, there are times that it would have broke the bank if I didn't have the insurance.

As for me, I just can't afford the $500 or more a month to cover myself, and most companies would not cover my spouse.


Anonymous said...

It's one reason I haven't retired early. . . I could probably make it on my savings and investments (thank God for people who loved me enough to see me well taken care of, financially), but I can't afford to buy my own health care either! Nope, I'll have to wait 5 more years until Medicare kicks in. . . dammit anyway!

Techie4Life said...

How can I not avert my eyes?