Monday, October 22, 2007

More Monkeyshines

Once again I show that while I may be an idea thief, at least I have the good taste to steal from the best. Monkey asked in her blog what your favorite cover song is. I responded with The Presidents of the USA's version of Video Killed The Radio Star, although the Talking Heads' Take Me To The River, and DEVO's Satisfaction were very close seconds. Then that got me thinking, what song desperately needs to be redone. What song has great potential that was just never realized by the band that created it? To me the top of that list would have to be the 1969 classic In The Year 2525 by Zager and Evans. If you are unfamiliar with this song it paints the next millennium of 'progress' for mankind in a very Huxley/Orwell light. Unfortunately the singer sounds like Buddy Hackett. I find it unfathomable that some heavy hitting band has not decided to remake this one. This apocalyptic ditty needs a voice like Ronnie James Dio, or David Draiman(Disturbed).

So, your mission today is tell us what your favorite remake is, and what song would you love to see remade. Bonus points for what band you would like to see handle it.



Monkey said...

I LOVE this topic. I am thinking of making this a two-part series with my next question- what musician/band should be famous, but it not?

But on to your question-

Both of my responses are great songs that have not been heard. Hothouse Flowers "Don't Go." Some baroom jangly band should cover this. My other cover suggestion is Hunters and Collectors "Throw your Arms Around Me." I think the Shins should cover this. A good vibe match.

Purple Pigeon said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! As for the Batfink thing, I can't remember if it was originally british or american, but i used to watch it obsessively as a kid. Ah, the nostalgia (im 22)!

As for the covers thing... hmmmm. I dont have very evolved tastes im afraid, but a couple of my favourites are Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson, and both Korn's and Class of 99's versions of Another Brick in the Wall.
Oh, and Joey Ramones What a Wonderful World.

Not sure about what i'd want covering, but i always thought a metal/rock version of Can't take my Eyes off you by Andy Williams or Karma Cameleon by Culture Club would be fun.

Turtle said...

I think my fav remake would have to be David Byrne doing "Don't Fence Me In" on the Red, Hot & Blue album.

Should be covered? Hmmmm... "Daybreak" by Barry Manilow. Should be remade by Staind.

Monkey said...

I LOVE "Don't Fence me In." I hve not listened to that cd in years- but that and the Tom Waites cuts were my favs. Thanks fro reminding me to dig a bit deeper into the cd collection.

Anonymous said...

Favorite remake: The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses as performed by The Sundays.

Song that needs to be remade: Hm. I need to think on that a bit, I'll get back to you.