Friday, October 19, 2007

All By Myself...

Yesterday the lovely and talented Monkey put forth an interesting idea. While reassuring us that she adores her husband, she has oft times dreamt that the perfect wedded living arrangement would be to own a duplex in which each of them would occupy half the house, with frequent visits to the other side. This in no way diminishes her love for, or enjoyment of, living with her spouse, but would allow her some of the freedoms we tend to give up once we cohabit. I have many times harbored similar desires. Maybe not for an entire separate house, but I would love to have one room that was just mine to do with as I please and whose door, if closed, would be inviolate to all but the direst of emergencies...or the dinner bell. Here in Castle Marius, where we have but the two bedrooms and the one loo, if the heat generated by the friction of our daily lives grows too great, one's only recourse is to quit the premises. Oh to have a fortress, or even just a den, of solitude. I had always chalked these desires up to having gotten married so late in life, but now I wonder. Do any of you harbor such feelings?

Oh, and yesterday I discovered that the piping going into our water heater is leaking. I hope the landlords are swift in the repair.

See ya,


Anonymous said...

This post made me realize how selfish I am- I have my own bathroom and there are several hiding spots here. However- this gave me a great idea and if I am not overcome by my own laziness, I can make it happen.
We have a guest room- but no sleep over guests for quite some time (I discourage it). Right now it is begin used primarily as show storage and a place to hide things from th housecleaners I am too lazy to put away properly. With a little bit of effort this could be my own Monkey lounge. Hmmm........ I think I have my winter project!

Stinkypaw said...

I used to have a room just for me in our previous home. That's the thing I miss the most here, since we've moved. But even in a smaller space, we are goog at avoiding each other when we need to, and without leaving the condo! ;-)

rosebuckle said...

I've been promoting this idea since the mid-ish 80's. I propose a renovated duplex, with a common kitchen & dining area, and maybe a common laundry room. I really like the idea of seperate sleeping rooms. I've always slept better alone (I mean in the 8 hr. sense) than with someone else in the bed with me. I read a report recently that said (after polling) that men mostly prefered sleeping with someone & women sleep better alone.

Of course after so long alone, it would have to be a BIG space for me to co-habit again. After about 3 months with B a few summers ago I was ready to run screaming from the apartment!

Anonymous said...

When I lived in England with P and son, I craved a weekend away. J understood totally my need to be by myself, but P was very hurt, not at all understanding that for most of my adult life, I've HAD to be home for someone or something at some point in the day. That weekend (which I never got) would have done me A LOT of good! Now, it's all moot. . .I'm by myself now and it's all good. Mind you, I still have to be home at some point for the dogs and the birds, but, thankfully, P is very good aboaut taking care of that for me when I go around chasging Clay! Yep, life is good.