Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Katz Pawz

Hai, wee iz Starbuk nd Artimus. R frends at Steel Wool , Sofeea, Purrsee, and Impy, wanted uz to rite sumthink on Mareeuses blog. Wee haf too du thees ferrry urlee soz the big peeplez wont shoo uz away. Missus Mareeus duzent let uz sow lyke Impy and Sofeea and Purrsee gets to, so wee juzt play wit her mejuring taypes. It iz ferry hard to tipe wit ur noze, so we goez slow. Sry. Wee tryed to print up sum dog jokez we fownd on the inturnetz, but the payper got stuk. Starbuk tryed to feex it, but hee iznt ferry gud at feexing theengs. I taked pikchurs of him and hee got mad and chaysed me. lol

Uh oh. Der is a weerd beeping noiz cuming from big peeplez ruum, dat meens they getting up now. We gotz to go.

K, bai.

Starbuk and Artimus


Rabid Attack Sheep said...

Ur blog iz vury gud! We likz it muchly. We hopz Mom wil let uz blog mor cos we broked a key on Momz komputeer an shee waz madd! It Sofeeaz falt. Sofeea dinit wan to stop taiping when Mom wan komputeer so she grabz on wit hur pointie tows an a kee pupped offf. Surry Mom!

Mom givz uz durty lookz. We go now.

Impee, Sofeea an Purrsee

Queen Bad Kitty said...

Put down the crack pipe.

God, you're weird :P


Techie4Life said...

Awwwwwwww!!! That's too cute. BTW, my performances are every Friday night. And I learned to juggle last week.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling I'm just as glad that Koa and See have no interest in the computer! I shudder to think what they would write about me! Having said that, I sure hope Artemis and Starbuck keep blogging once in a while!