Thursday, October 25, 2007

OooooooOOOOoooooooooo, Scary Stuff

Welcome to a verrrry scarrry edition of The Corner. First of all, let me say hail and well met to two new friends hereabouts. Stinkypaw comes to us from the Great White North, and Purple Pigeon peers across the pond to visit from England. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Both of these ladies have a unique perspective, and very entertaining blogs. I highly recommend them.

As Halloween approaches I find myself waxing nostalgic for the halcyon days of childlessness, and greater alcohol tolerance. And as I travelled back through memories of Halloweens past I remembered my fondest All Hallows Eve memory. 'Twas a party and the home of J&G sometime in the late '80s. Dominos Pizza had an ad campaign that involved The Noid, which was a gnomish stop-motion animated beasty that lived only to destroy Dominos Pizza. I loved the Noid, and got myself a red leotard, blue shorts, my black and white checked 'cool shoes', and with the help of a certain PIKARESQUE made a head piece that replicated the elongated red ears of the fiend. I then made a spear out of an aluminum pipe and plastic curtain rod finial that looked like a spear point, and went to the party. Eventually, after many, many a drink was quaffed, someone(maybe me) came up with the idea to order a Dominos pizza. We pooled our meager cash and ordered a small cheese pizza. Many a giggle was had as I hid around the corner as the unwitting delivery man approached. Once the pie was paid for I came screaming around the corner, speared the box, threw it to the ground and stomped it into submission. We laughed our drunken asses off, and the delivery dude, pissed at having to work Halloween night, told us we had made his evening.

So what is your favorite Halloween memory?

Count Marius


Monkey said...

My favorite grown up memory of Halloween is when I made costumes for me and my then boyfriend. I went as Medusa nd he as Hermes. WE were fantastic. To keep the snakes in my hair I made a beanie shaped hat out of wire, then pulled my hair through the spaces in the hat. CLever, I know. But I had no tools so the edges were kind of sharp, and this was pretty heavy. But I was pretty tipsy and thoguth is was great that these little pieces of metal were digging into my scalp and tangled in my long hair- as that would keep everything in place. And it did. So well in fact that my drunk boyfriend had to take a wire cutter and snip every wire out and untangle it from my hair before I could go to bed.

I guess maybe not favorite, but funniest. If funny also means pathetic.

Stinkypaw said...

First let me thank you ever so deeply for your kind words!

Second, I have many good memories of good Halloweens, but the most embarassing one was a few years ago, at a client, I was told that everyone had to dress up that day, so that morning I gave a new meaning to "putting on my make-up" and showed up all dressed in a clown outfit. Everyone was impressed, especially that I was the ONLY one who did dress up! And to had to it all, I was covering reception that day! It was quite embarassing, but worth it when visitors would walk in! Hee.

Turtle said...

Well, to be honest, the "Noid Incident" is one of my favorite Halloween memories, as well.

I don't remember who came up with the idea, either, but, knowing "us", it could have been anyone.

Didn't the delivery guy, being so amused, refuse to take a tip, as well?