Saturday, June 30, 2007


Good morning, folkses. Here are some semi-random observations and musings for your reading pleasure.

1.Mcdonalds. I have eaten many a Mikey-D's breakfast over the past few weeks, and I've noticed a disturbing trend. While most of the employees are courteous, and mostly competent, the customers have become totally annoying. The other day I was waiting in line behind two Hispanic people, one man and one woman. The woman did not seem to speak any English, and the 15-year-old girl behind the counter not only didn't speak any Spanish, but seemed downright pissed that she was expected to understand the woman. The man, who spoke both languages quite well, was trying to help, but he kept contradicting what the woman was saying. It was a train wreck. Then, when I finally got my order, that same woman and her friend parked themselves in front of the soft drink dispensers, jabbering away at each other, and taking their sweet time getting their drinks. Then, to top it all off, a kindly old man dropped his coffee right between my feet, thus spraying the famously scalding liquid onto my legs(I wear shorts to work down here)and making sure I would smell like Juan Valdez's back yard all day. Now, I don't really have a problem with immigration, but when I went to France, I learned a few basic words in French so I could be understood in places such as eating establishments. Yet when people come here, they complain that we don't speak their language. I know that this is a very simplistic view of the immigrant situation, but it just irks me.

2. Friends. Most of my life I have surrounded myself with people either much younger, or much older than me. This hasn't always been intentional, but just the way things worked out. But last night I visited two of my oldest, and dearest friends, Robert and Patty. We have known each other since junior college and high school, respectively, and it was wonderful to sit with people my own age for a time. They have two beautiful children, a gorgeous house, and many of the same concerns and enjoyments as I. It was a warm, loving, comfortable visit. This is not to say I don't enjoy being with my friends of all ages, but it is a treat to be with folks my own age from time to time.

3. Cosmo. About 10 years ago Deb went on tour. She asked me if I would live in her apartment for the duration and take care of Cosmo...her cat. I was glad to do so, and spent many a wonderful hour with the pillow sized, black and white critter. He was not an overly affectionate beastie, but almost always appreciated a good scratch. He was playful, and easy going, and very mellow. Alas, last week, time caught up with Cosmo. He had been ill for a long time with feline diabetes, and there were a few close calls, but he just kept on keeping on. I got to see him about a week before the end. He was a skinny, but still appreciative Cosmo, and we shared a bit of quality time, for which I'm grateful. When Deb informed me of his passing, I cried. Not just teared up. I actually cried. I haven't done that without the aid of alcohol in more years than I can remember. He was a truly groovy kitty, and he will be missed.

4. Home. I want to go home, but I have another week of service to perform down here. It has been great seeing everybody, and my accommodations are top notch, but I miss my wife, my bed, my kitties, and my stuff. The trip back promises to be lots of fun, though. I'll be stopping by the great wizard Rico's place, and then he and I shall go to the nerdvana that is the Kennedy Space Center. Thence I shall go a bit further north to visit my friend Sherri, and then, finally, home. Then I get to start my new job at Eckerd College. And there was much rejoicing.

Ok, cats and kittens, I'm out for now. Make sure you tip the wait staff, and remember I'll be here all week. ;-)


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rosebuckle said...

Thanks Marius,
Cosmo was a great cat. He was glad to see you before the end. Our tears were well spent.