Monday, June 25, 2007

Not Bad.

Yesterday morning Mrs. Marius and I, on the spur of the moment, went to IHOP and then the movies. We saw the Fantastic Four sequel. And much to my wonderment and surprise, I liked it a lot. The first movie was ok, but it was bogged down by the weight of exposition, and thus moved too slowly. This one is not hindered by such considerations, and is a rocket from the opening credits. The story is simplistic, but genuinely funny and heartwarming at times, and moves fast enough that it was over almost before I knew it. There were moments when we laughed out loud, and at no time did I feel the 'oh, come on' reflex kick in. Is it going to change the way comic book movies are made? No. But it was fun, action packed, and well performed. Michael Chiklis' Thing steals the show, even though Chris Evans (the Human Torch) tries his best to do so. There wasn't enough Silver Surfer, and the presence of Dr. Doom was kind of contrived, but overall this was a big budget Saturday Morning cartoon with live actors, and we had a great time. So some afternoon dump the kids at Gramma's, get yourself a big bucket of popcorn, and let the 12 year old in you run wild. This movie is exactly what the big summer blockbuster is supposed to

Ok, I've loafed enough, time to get back to work.

Peace, y'all.


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