Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Old Stomping Grounds

Greetings, Dear Ones, and welcome to the live remote edition of The Corner. As you may know, I am in West Palm Beach for a working vacation. I am working for friends at a uniform sales shop, and while they are putting me to some rather strenuous work, my brain is getting lots of rest. And I have discovered some important information for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When fighting a shredder, the most powerful weapon in their arsenal should be a staple. I say this because I spent significant portions of Thursday and Friday shredding old documents, and it would have gone much faster if the machine could eat staples.

On to the news. The picture above is of Lake Worth beach. Mrs. Marius has joined me for a week, and Celebhith and P took us to breakfast at a restaurant on the pier called Benny's. The food was marvelous, but the beach was depressing. Being as I am prone to spontaneously combust in direct sunlight, I tend to avoid the seashore by day, so this was the first time I had actually set foot upon the beach in many years. Those of you who recognize the pier will notice that much of it is missing. Hurricane Katrina apparently liked the pier so much she took a great deal of it with her. And it's still not fixed. My brother and I used to ride our bikes to the beach in our youth and go fishing off the pier. Alas. But what really got me is that the barrage of hurricanes over the last few years has totally eroded the beach itself away. There used to be at least several dozen feet between the sea grass dunes and the high water mark. Not any more. The tide was out this morning, but there was very little dry sand to walk upon. I'm talking mere feet in some places. It is rather daunting how much Mother Nature can eat off of a shoreline when she gets really hungry.

Ok, I will now rant about that waste of time Paris Hilton. I had hoped that we would be treated to 45 days without hearing about her upon her incarceration. Oh what fools we mortals be. First she's released after 3 days, then she's put back in weeping and crying 'it's not fair' all the way back. And now, as if this were some fucking capital murder case, she puts out a press release saying that she won't appeal the decision! Won't appeal 20 something days in jail?! And it gets lead coverage on C-fucking-NN?! I don't even know what to say. And then, not five minutes later, they interview Labron James and ask him what he thinks will happen on tonight's final Sopranos episode! If Saturday Night Live had done either of these things a few years ago as a sketch we might have found it funny. Now it's just fucking sad. I expect to see such drek on Entertainment Tonight, but CNN?

In good news, the lovely Mrs. Marius brought me a present when she came down. Ozzy Osbourne's new album. It kicks. There is a clarity and focus to the music that has been missing for many years, and it hearkens back in many ways to his Sabbath days. I recommend it.

Ok, pool time. Ta, darlings! :-)



rosebuckle said...

When you're on the air 24/7 with nothing but news, EVERY bit of jreck gets covered. What is really annoying is when this stuff eats up space on a local 30 min. news program. Or perhaps even more so, blog space wasted on the topic! (wink, wink. nudge nudge)

Queen Bad Kitty said...

Oh, NO!
The pier looks terrrible!
Oh, that is sad...snif.

I have declared a "Paris Hilton-Free Zone" around me. Have actaully said when her name comes up..."sorry, I'm refusing to waste any time on her anymore".
It really goes over well!

Oh, at least you have the new Ozzy to soothe you...I plan to check it out.