Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pirates of The...oh screw it...

And the yawnfest that is this Summer's movies just keeps going. We saw Pirates of the Carribean III tonight, and while it wasn't Alien 4 bad, it was definately X-Men 3 bad. The effects were great, Depp was as charimatic as ever. Orlando Bloom was all manly with swash firmly buckled, and Kiera Knightly was a vision of kick-ass beauty, but the plot was about as clear as a fine goblet filled with deep sea silt. And it was definately the most gruesome of the series. Anyone bringing children to this installment will be holding some scared little hands come bedtime. I won't say don't see it, since if you've seen the first two you have probably already decided to see this one, but don't expect much. Oh, and do stay til after the credits.

Night night.


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