Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Much Needed Weekend

Ahhhh, friends. What a wonderful thing they are. Let me explain...no, wait, there is too much. Let me sum up. A little over a month ago I got wind that the Fine Arts magnet high school here in town needed a new technical director. You all know that tale. The rapid departure from the college; the torturous application procedure, the blood-pressure raising stress; and the myriad downsides to the gig that no-one told me of. But there was one very vital piece of information that should have been shared with me but wasn't. Apparantly every year the school board threatens to eliminate the position of technical director at this school, and, up til now, the administration has managed to forestall that elimination. Note that I said up til now. On Friday, half-way through my first class, I was informed that I was supposed to report to 'the pool'. This is where displaced teachers go to be reassigned. Now, my bosses kept telling me that, since I am not qualified to teach anything but technical theatre I would probably be coming right back. Oh foolish ones, how little they understand the bean counter mentality. When I explained that the one class they wanted me to take, Drama at a different, regular school, was outside of my abilities, they simply said that I either take that one, or they'd put me in something I was even less able to teach. So quality of education loses to simply having a body in the classroom. Nice. So, while my former bosses assure me that they have come up with a plan that 'should' work to get me back, I'm getting ready to contact my former boss at the college and grovel for my old job back. It's so much fun being me.

Which brings me to the real subject of today's blog. My friend Sean-Logan and his lovely wife had said that they would be replacing their children's bedroom furniture sometime soon, and would our young'n like the bunk bed set that would then be superfluous. Ever the free-furniture whore I said yes. Well, this weekend became the date of transfer. We rented a U-Haul and went to Naples. In addition to getting said bedroom set, we played video games, ate pizza, watched Firefly episodes(and yes, I'm hooked now, dammit!) and generally did nothing of great import. It was a much needed break from the soul-crushing stress I've been under, and the kid got a groovy new bed. Now I can face this week with some degree of calm, and hopefully put an end to this grand mistake I've made.

Peace out, y'all.



Turtle said...

Tolja Firefly did not suck....

pikaresque said...

Jesus, Marius, too much stress in your life this year!

It'll all work out...blah, blah , blah...just hope it won't take too long.

Sorry about your work-related-anal-probe.

Chin up, Bucka-roo

Monkey said...

Goodness. Sounds like the school year is all messed up. I really hope you can get back to where you were, without your tail tucked. Will you have to pay to get out of your PS contract? Please talk to your union rep to get the skinny on terminating a contract. I do not want you to have any more unexpected surprises.

And bunk beds? Yipee! I broke my leg for the first time on a bunk bed. Pretending I was Superman. Sounds like something the CotA might try. Wrap the child in bubble wrap.

Anonymous said...

Firefly was an awesome show! Just ask the kid. We were stalwart fans and devastated when it was cancelled.

Hang in there with your latest crisis; this too shall pass. How about looking for something in this neck of the woods?