Friday, January 06, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Some people like to open the Bible to a random page each day in the hopes that the great unseen hand will guide them to an appropriate passage. I tried that for a while, but all the begetting and smiting got to be too much, so I decided to try using Scott Adams' 'The Dilbert Principle' instead. Here we go.

The Dilbert Principle, pp. 291-292, Harper Collins Publishers, copyright 1996

Genghis Khan Example

Many years ago, on a desperately cold evening on the tundra, Ghengis Khan ordered his Mongol hordes to 'mount their horses' and do a ride-by 'mooning' of the neighboring village. There was no real reason for this except that he wanted some peace and quiet while he sat in his tent designing various fashion items made out of dead animals.
Some of the Mongols were later embarrassed to admit that they misinterpreted the order to 'mount their horses'. This made for a good laugh back at the camp.
Later, through a series of creative retellings, this whole Genghis Khan legend got blown up into a much bigger deal than it was. But you have to remember, there were maybe two dozen people on the planet at the time, so everything seemed important. And everybody agreed it was probably best to embellish the story a bit so the Mongol hordes wouldn't look bad in business books later on.

Truly words to live by.

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