Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wilma Update

I almost feel guilty talking about our Wilma experience, but since some of you might think we were in the danger zone let me assure you we got some gusty winds, a steady drizzle, and the day off, that's it. Now folks in Naples and West Palm Beach got slammed. Everyone I talked to down there yesterday was without power, and thankfully with relatively minor to no damage. The worst thing I heard was that Celebhith's screen porch, which covered her pool and was at least 20 feet tall, was destroyed. But, and this is strictly the male perspective, her gas grill was undamaged. (Whew!) Targon had some window leakage, and my folks lost a bit of the fence around the front yard. Mayi dodged a couple of diasters as a neighbor's tree came down and merely touched her roof with an outstretched, but undamaging branch, and another tree came down in her driveway, where her car normally sits but was moved into the garage for the storm. I have yet to hear from Thummy or Rico, but I hope that they are ok, especially Rico. They are trying to sell their house and get out of Lake Worth, so it would really, really suck if the storm did any appreciable damage now. Thummy lives only an hour South of us, so I imagine(read: pray) that they only got it a little worse than we did. Adam and Bi, who live just a few miles north of ground zero, are without power and got some superficial damage to their house. Overall, given the unanticipated severity of the storm the damage was light, at least to the people I know and love. And to any of you reading this, if you need an extra hand to help repair just holler.



justin said...

The first half of the storm didn't seem so bad, really. Power went out early, of course, and pieces of various trees came off. Then we were in the eye for maybe an hour. That's when the damage really started. Every screen enclosure I've seen is destroyed, 75% of FPL's Palm Beach customers are powerless (not us as of today), power poles are down across roads as are trees, and I sat in line for four hours today to get gas (and I was fifth in line at 4:30 when I arrived).

Honestly, we were lucky.

Turtle said...

Thummy and Rico are fine. Both have minor damage to property, houses are okay. Rico has no power, and the estimate is up to 3 weeks before it is restored. Rough living, but it could be a lot worse...