Tuesday, October 04, 2005

For Mom

Ok, when we were kids I remember that it usually took spurting arterial blood, exposed bone, or sucking chest wounds before you would give us a band-aid(tm). I have harbored that memory for the better part of half a century.(Jesus! Am I really that old?) Anyway, tonight I had to listen to the wailings of a child who wants for nothing, save a constant diet of hot dogs, pizza, and yoo-hoo, because she itches on her back, and has a nearly microscopic cut on her finger. I don't think Dr. Calligari heard such expressions of misery in his dungeons. I would just like to say publicly, and for posterity, I'm sorry. You have been wronged many times over in my memories, and now that I am dealing with a child who may, or may not be quite as demonic as I was the karmic wheel has come full circle. And I can finally say, for the first time, I think I'm beginning to understand you.

Go ahead, gloat and get it over with.

Love ya,


heff said...

She started gloating the day you became a parent. Trust me on that one.

Have you made the entry in the world of "things my mother said to me that I will never say to my child" yet?

Anonymous said...

oh, I can't wait to hear that one. :D

Marius said...

I still remember the moment the words 'don't make me come up there!' actually came out of my mouth. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Once again you miss the point. Have you considered the fact that the child's seperation from God is the cause of the misbehavior? Remeber how well behaved she was while enrolled in Sunday School and Mission Friends?? Perhaps instead of yelling at her you should send a donation in her name to the Billy Graham Ministry. I hear his son is spear-heading efforts to make the rebuilt New Orleans more right with God. Shame Marius, shame!!

Turtle said...

Okay! Enough with the arterial blood spurt references! We were kids! We didn't know any better!

In addition to Heff's list you need to start another list of "things I'd never thought I'd have to say", such as: "Do not butter the cat!!"