Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog Roulette

Now where did I put that gauntlet? (rummages through antique foot locker, pulling out various intriguing yet vague ideas and items, sets each aside until...) AH! There it is. It's a bit moldy, but the leather is unbroken, and with a little mink oil and some elbow right back.

{time passes}

Right! OK, here we go. I propose a game for the month of December. I call it Blog Roulette. As the wonderful, and herculean Naughty Monkey has proven this NaNoPoHoGoFloCrowShow posting every day has become something of a daunting task, so starting December 1st I shall post something, then on the 2nd Stinkypaw shall post, then flurrious, then Monkey, then it shall rotate back to me, etc. Of course, if anyone else wishes to join, or if any of you lovely and talented blogstresses would rather not, it's all good. But this will give us all a daily post of newness to read, without the pressure of posting daily. Of course extra posts will be most welcome, as well. My blends...the gauntlet is thrown. What say ye?


flurrious said...

Hey, why's it so quiet in here all of a sudden?

Okay, I'm in. If for no other reason than that I have a lot of grievances to air during Festivus.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we can air grievances? Then I am definitely in!

Stinkypaw said...

I'm in!