Sunday, November 07, 2010

Peer Pressure

Well, it seems most of my blogging compadres have posted something in the last 24 hours, so I feel honor bound (read:guilt tripped) to do likewise. I know it's NaNukPukeMookaLook month again, but I've been so busy that I barely have time to indulge in peristalsis and a few other autonomic functions, let alone blog every day. So let me, there is too much. Let me sum up. The show we are running, an adaptation of Call of the Wild, has been beset by the demons of fuckuppery almost from the get go. Things went relatively smoothly until just before we started technical rehearsals, which is when we bring all the elements of the show together the week before opening. Long days and nights are the norm for tech week, but this one was especially awful due to technical problems, electrical anomalies, and the theft of a $500 rented strobe light by some cocksuckers unknown who I sincerely wish to read of their untimely yet embarrassing demise due to autoerotic asphyxiation someday. Now normally I'd say that at least we got the show up and running on time, which we did, and with a minimum of blood, which we didn't. It's true that my crew and I shed very little of the red stuff on this one, although I did inflict numerous annoying yet minor injuries upon myself, but the cast has been brutalized. This is a very physical show, and most of the cast play dogs in the Yukon, so there is a lot of running, and barking, and fighting, etc. And those that don't play dogs are frequently on stilts to simulate the view a sled dog has of the drivers. Every night someone has gotten hit, or twisted, or abraded, or fallen, or sickened to the point that I am keeping ice and bandages on hand just in case. But I have to say that, despite some unusual backstage dramas, the cast have been absolute troopers about the punishment this play is dealing them, and my proverbial hat is off to them.

As for why my work load is so pressing, our Design/Costume teacher, who is very pregnant, was quite unexpectedly put on complete bed rest by her doctor two weeks ago. We had anticipated that there would be some times when she'd be out, and I had agreed to take over her classes when she couldn't be there, but none of us expected her to be totally gone until further in the semester. So now I'm teaching every day of the week, and trying to keep up with her class materials as well as my own. I'm sure it will all be ok, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all right now. Fortunately, now that the show is up and running, I can focus on the academics, and hopefully catch up with her schedule as well as my own, and manage to squeeze in a podcast or two as well. These are, indeed, interesting times.

How is your Autumn going?



flurrious said...

I thought my autumn was going okay, but now that I know you're spending your days with people who are pretending to be dogs, I feel sort of let down because everyone I come in contact with merely acts like a person, which is obviously not as good.

Monkey said...

I think the revenge will only be sweet if s/he accidentally gets offed by the stolen strobe light's cord. And that, my friend, is what we call poetic justice!
Fingers crossed for you!;)

Stinkypaw said...

Your writing about autoerotic asphyxiation brings images of Masuka's explanations & demonstration in a recent episode of Dexter...

Keep the energy level up, hang in there!

rosebuckle said...

Oh course they're troopers. They are young and enthusiastic. Wait until they meet Equity...splinter, accident report!!
Good luck wih the maddness. Will it end after birth or will you also be covering during mommy leave?