Wednesday, December 01, 2010!

And Blog Roulette begins. In amongst all the annoyances and pains we've been dealing with here at Castle Marius of late there is a ray of grooviness. A couple of months ago I decided I am sick of being a fat ass. So I just stopped eating garbage. Every day for lunch I eat carrots and celery and cheese. Every night I eat only one helping of dinner and try to make as many low-fat foods as possible. And no snacking after dinner. And for breakfast I have a burrito of cholesterol-free eggs with fat free sour cream, salsa, and Swiss cheese. Just doing that I've lost 15 pounds! And I gave blood a couple of weeks ago and my cholesterol is down. I feel better, and I have had to retire a couple of pair of pants since they fit like tents now. So that's a triumph, methinks. AND I made it through Thanksgiving weekend without a major backslide. Yay me! ;-)

Of course there was the sad news that Leslie Neilsen passed away, but I noticed that most of the people on twitter and Facebook that mentioned it did so by saying, "Leslie Neilsen died? Surely you can't be serious!" What a wonderful tribute that even in death he brought laughter. His career spanned every genre of TV and film, running from the deathly serious to the painfully silly. His filmography on is 11 pages long!! A brilliant, multifaceted career, and by all accounts a truly nice man. His was truly a life well lived.

And now I pass the keyboard to Stinkypaw. Make sure you all tune in to her blog tomorrow.



flurrious said...

Fifteen pounds is great! I am torn between wanting to congratulate you feeling bitter about your success. I have eaten oatmeal every morning for years and I'm still 16 pounds overweight. But I'm happy for you! Also I hate you a little! But primarily happy!

Most people associate Leslie Nielsen with Airplane and The Naked Gun, but I always think of him as the captain in The Poseidon Adventure. That was before he was Leslie Nielsen, when he was just known as Hey, It's That Guy.

Anonymous said...

I kind of hate you- in the best way possible, of course. No sweating at all, just more sensible food?
Yay for you (also a jealous and bitter boo)

Stinkypaw said...

COngrats on the 15lbs, and I'm a bit like Monkey, I kind of hate you!

Marius said...

Please don't hate me, ladies. I'm still a fat ass. This just shows how hard I was working to maintain 200+ pounds. I need to lose another 15-20 pounds, but that will require actual working out and stuff.

weathereye said...

I, too, lost almost 20 pounds over the past three months. Hard work, but worth it. What pisses me off is I can't lose the weight in the face. I don't even look like myself anymore ... my pants are falling off, my gut is gone, but nobody knows, because I still have cheeks and jowls the size of the hindenberg.

It almost makes me say 'fuck it' and start eating Arby's for lunch every day. Again.

rosebuckle said...

Cool, congratulations!