Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big Bad Hair

My Starbase 66 co-host, Kennedy, has created his own podcast about 80s music called Big Bad Hair, and I had the extreme pleasure and honor to be the guest on his debut show. We discuss the Blue Oyster Cult album Imaginos. I'd love to know what you all think about it.


Queen Bad Kitty said...

Hey, gave it a listen.
Sounds like a pretty cool forum.
you may remember I'm a BOC/Soft White Underbelly fan from way back.
Interesting details.
Enjoyed it with a large coffee.

You sound the same, mostly.
The nervous giggle gives you away.
Ooops, sorry. You sounded right on!

Party On Rick


Turtle said...

Very kewl.

I quite imagine Kennedy to be very similar to our own Cap'n Crunch... I also imagine the two them hating each other immensely because of the similarities... :)

Rosebuckle said...

This one I tried...I'm just not into BOC, but you all sounded like you wee enjoying yourselves.

flurrious said...

I keep getting the Podbean Maintenance screen. I'll have to try it early in the morning, I think.

Marius said...

Thanks, all. Yeah, Podbean seems to be a bit swamped of late. Hopefully once the world goes back to work it'll get a bit easier.