Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Isn't that a pretty picture? It felt so good voting for someone instead of against someone else for a change. Now let's hope that Obama keeps to his word and doesn't become just another disappointing politician.

The only fly in the ointment from last night is that too many inbred, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, Bible-thumping, brain dead redneck retards voted for Amendment 2. Ah well, we may have lost this battle, but the war on intolerance and bigotry continues.

Man, I need more sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

Ciao, Darlings. :-)


Anonymous said...

This will be one tough presidency, seeing what he inherits, not too mention any skeleton that might fall out of the odd closet in the coming months.
May the Schwarz be with you :)

Turtle said...

GRATZ!! I can't say that I was totally behind Obama, but it was not an "anyone but HIM" kind of vote.

I, too, was very, very disappointed in Amendment 2. I can't believe the results on that one. Honestly don't believe it.

I do find it humorous that all the McCain supporters are now whining about how terrible things are going to get and how we'll turn into a socialist state... The Republican fear machine is still operating at full steam. Go ahead. Move to Scotland. We'll remember you all fondly. Or not.

And now the work begins.

dmarks said...

"Now let's hope that Obama keeps to his word and doesn't become just another disappointing politician."

Chances are, he will, unfortunately. Maybe a bigger chance than otherwise. He made a lot of promises. A lot.

What was your Amendment 2?

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is Obama will be handed a wallet the previous administration has emptied out and all he will find is the biggest box of I.O.U.'s since decades. If he can turn this around, that will be much bigger than his election. Not that people would recognize it.

Anonymous said...

Give it time, the campaign machines have been running at maximum speed for months, it's natural the dissappointment takes time to go away.
Funny thing is that from outside the US, Obama is not left-leaning but moderate rightwing at best.

flurrious said...

California voters also approved Prop 8, which has the same effect as Amendment 2 in Florida. I find it disappointing in a moral sense in that its practical effect is to legitimize hate and ignorance, but also troubling in a legal sense. Constitutional amendments should be used to expand rights, not to restrict them. However, I have no doubt that there will be court challenges in both states, so this is far from over.