Tuesday, November 11, 2008

J.J. Abrams, You Have Some Esplainin' To Do

You want to do a prequel to Star Trek? Fine. I accept that they'll need new actors, different interiors, new situations(even though we know no one important can get killed) but the one thing you cannot mess with is my ship. Yes, I said it, MY FUCKING SHIP!!!!! That...thing...up there is the Enterprise from the upcoming movie. Does it look like a precursor to anything we've seen before? NO! I can deal with the 90210 cast, I can deal with whatever continuity fuck job they want to do, but don't fuck with the gods damned ship!!!!!!!!!!! There had better be a freaking great explanation for why this one looks more like the movie ships, and no where near like the TV Enterprise. It's not a bad looking ship, if it were to come from sometime after the V'ger encounter, but as the Enterprise just a few years prior to the series it just doesn't work. The deflector dish is wrong, the nacelles are in the wrong place. About the only thing that does work for me is the size and shape of the Primary Hull.

I know, I know, wait for the movie, but this is just giving me a really bad feeling. I'm sure I'll calm down, and if the movie is good enough I'll accept the hatchet job they've done on Matt Jeffries's beautiful design. If.


Ok, I've calmed down a bit(and yes, I know I take this shit way too seriously) and I think I've located the source of my ire. The change between the Enterprise of the series, and of the movies was deemed a 'refit', but I always had trouble with that. There seemed nothing of the original ship in the refit, but all the external features were in the same place. The umbilicus between the Primary and Secondary hulls still connected in the same location, as did the nacelle pylons. Maybe it's because of my occupation but I look at this 'new' ship and I see that moving the umbilicus forward to where it will end up is not just a matter of changing the hull plating. It is a major redesign of both the exterior and interior of the ship. The same goes with the nacelle pylon placement. I also realize that I will be in a very small minority of Star Trek fans who would even care about such a thing. In fact, this may lead to some lively discussion on an upcoming podcast, since I know at least one of my co-hosts likes the design.

Ok, I'm going to bed now.


sherlock said...

I quite like the look, looks a little sat on and shiny but overall I like :)

Azteclos said...

Does have the look like the movies did.

rosebuckle said...

Well I would be among the many who really wouldn't notice. As long as there is a big saucer with 2 thingies behind, it's Enterprise to me. :)
I'm hoping I can seperate the "young Spock" from Hero's bad guy Sylar.

Cecily Zander said...

I love how you titled the rant, it made me chuckle. I agree with you on pretty much every point you brought up as well. I still think it looks pretty though.