Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bring Out Your Dead

So Celebhith choked her computer to death with pictures and videos of Clay Aiken. Consequently she bought a new one. The technician who set it up for her took the old hard drive and put it in the new machine, and she gave me the rest of the old computer. I had hoped to move my hard drive into her old machine since it has a far superior processor, but alas I have found that without the Windows installation discs I cannot do this. So what I have decided to do is turn the old, driveless machine into a unit with but one play City of Heroes. To that end if any of you lovely folks have any old computer bits laying around just waiting to be recycled, can I have them? :-D Specifically I need DDR PC2700 RAM, a 350-400watt power supply, and a working monitor. So if you have any old stuff laying about that is just taking up space, I can make it live...LIIIIIVVVVVE!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, got a bit carried away. :-)

Rum and Egg Nog rules!!

Dr. Frankenmarius

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celebhith said...

I have a working monitor in the garage! Come and get it!