Monday, November 17, 2008

A Ray of Hope

So the new trailer for Star Trek is out...officially. You can see it here. I have watched it nearly frame by frame several times, and I think I have figured something out. The starship interiors we have been seeing, with the white plastic walls and Vegas attraction panels may very well not be the Enterprise. There is another ship, The USS Kelvin, that plays an apparently sizable role in the film. That would explain the wrong layout of the bridge. So if that is truly the case, then I think I can set aside my quibbles about the outboard design of the Enterprise.

We shall see.

Marius the Slightly Ameliorated


sherlock said...

The Kelvin is blown up before Kirk is born apparently (or at least according to the stuff I read in Entertainment Weekly)

jakob said...

But why would they make the Kelvin vegas and the, supposedly later, Enterprise less vegas?

Though being pretty vocally critical about this film, I've decided to just "go for it." That is I've given up finding any ray of hope. I'm going to treat this new franchise like an extended mirror universe episode.

Stinkypaw said...

What?! I haven't been following your Star Trek quibbles... sorry... All I'll say is that I think that Zachary Quinto as a young Spoke seems to be a good cast... I'm just saying. ;-)

Michael J Dowswell said...

I reckon it is the enterprise, cause if you look at the captains chair, it seems to look incredibly similar in shape to the sixties enterprise chair.

Has anybody else noticed how the captains chair also seems to be on a ramp?...but in the middle of the ramp?

dmarks said...

Set aside your quibbles, and bring on the tribbles.