Friday, April 11, 2008

Paging Dr's Piss and Moan

I don't know which minor deity we've pissed off, but we seem to be plagued with many annoyances of late. As I've mentioned before, my wife is currently harboring a kidney stone that was scheduled to be removed this morning. She was given the usual pre-op prohibition against eating or drinking after midnight, and told to arrive at the hospital at 6am. I got up at 4 so I could drink some coffee without tormenting her with it, she got up at 5, and we departed at 5:20. Traffic was light, and we arrived ten minutes early. So far, so good. We finally get into the room at 6:20, and she changes into that lovely gown they give you. Then her vitals were taken, and the 'has your health changed since you were here on Wednesday' question was asked. Unfortunately it had. She woke up with the symptoms of a cold this morning, and they found she was running a 100.1 fever. Uh oh. A few phone calls later and the anesthesiologist(waiter, spell check please)said that unless the doctor felt this was an emergency, the risk of pneumonia was too great, and we'd have to come back once she felt better. Shit! So after the tears and anger had waned, we went to IHOP. Then we stopped at Home Depot to pick up a new flush lever for the toilet, since it snapped last night thus making the flushing of the loo a manual thing, and some vertical blinds for the living room. We needed those because the cats liked to sit on the curtains, and finally managed to pull the curtain rod out of the wall. So once we got home I installed the flusher, and spackled the holes in the wall. The living room window faces East, so it was getting rather warm, and about half way through the installation I took a break to check my email. In my work messages was a reminder that I was to help set up the lobby for the open house for prospective students. Shit! I had forgotten all about that, and since I was supposed to be the theatre representative I finished the blinds(they look fabulous) and raced through the shower and the 45 minute drive. Upon my arrival I found the place strangely silent. Calling the department secretary I breathlessly announced my arrival, and my puzzlement at the lack of any open house related activities. "No, that's Monday", quoth she. Double shit! That part wasn't in the email. She is fantastic at keeping the myriad tentacles of this scholastic octopus in check, though, so I can't really get mad at her for not realizing that I couldn't remember when it was supposed to actually happen.
So now I'm at work a full 6 hours sooner than I had planned, since we have a show tonight, and I'm the only one here. I think I'm going to go get some steel and make some new leg armor. Although with my luck today I'll sprain my ribcage or some other highly unlikely, yet only annoying injury. Maybe I'll just hide under my desk until it's tomorrow.

I'm sorry, Loki! Whatever I did I didn't mean it!

Marius the Whiny


C.L.J. said...

I hope they're able to take care of that stone, soon. One of my sound guys has just been diagnosed with a big one, and only two weeks after he underwent heart surgery to have a stent installed in his heart. The poor man's having a bad year.

I remember when my dad suffered through his, and I'm sending good vibes your way. Ouch.

Alysoun said...

I will add a candle for Mrs. Marius to the stove array (Ask the Turtle) and also for the irritants to move away from you.


Marius said...

My thanks, good gentles. :-)

Anonymous said...

Prayers and good wishes to you both. Hang in there!