Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let's Watch the Monkey Dance

Well, I suppose it is somewhat fitting that our Buffoon in Chief is going to appear on Deal or No Deal on Monday. Since that show depends on manufactured suspense and greedy, foolish contestants who have little or no common sense it seems a perfect match. Bush will appear in a video taped segment to encourage an Iraq war vet in his quest for the million dollar suitcase. Am I the only one who thinks that Bush really doesn't give a shit anymore?

In local news Mrs. Marius finally got the kidney stone removed. Yesterday sucked for my wife. We got to the hospital at 6am again, and this time she went straight in. Her vitals were good, and the green light was lit. Then they put in the IV. She doesn't like needles, and they gave her a shot of Novocaine first, but that hurt like hell. Then they put in the IV. I've never watched when I've gotten one of those put in, but I made the mistake of looking this time. The needle must be three inches long! She cried a bit, but got through it ok, and then I had to go to work. The COA was with me this time, so we went to IHOP then to the college. After my class we high tailed it back to the hospital. She wasn't out of recovery yet since she had a bit of a reaction to her meds and was nauseous. After about 20 minutes we were allowed to join her. It's always disconcerting seeing someone right after surgery since corpses tend to look livelier, but over the course of about 45 minutes her color returned, and her vitals stabilized. The good news was that the surgery went well, and the stone met its fate at the hands of a well trained laser. The bad news was that the doctor wants her to stay catheterized until Monday. Now, for a guy this would be great news since all he would need is a cooler of beer and the remote and he(ok I) could just plant my ass on the couch and not have to move. But my lovely wife doesn't partake of that amber elixir, and failed to see the upside to having a plastic bag attached to her nether regions. Ah well, Mars/Venus again, eh? Another bright spot is they gave her a script for Vicodin, so it's not all bad. So she's very uncomfortable right now, but hopefully after Monday morning life will be much better for her, and for all of us as well.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go drain my wife.

Nurse Marius

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