Sunday, November 12, 2006

Episode IV: A New Look

So I've given The Corner a bit of a facelift. Opinions?

Oh, and that arrogant, right-wing asshole that we all love to hate outed himself last night. Alas, 'tis Doug, the inveterate chain-yanker who once posed as the uber Christian and is now quoting one of his students. Kudos to Doug for fooling me, but it terrifies me even more that these opinions he's been sharing with us were direct quotes from someone else.

I have a show opening Thursday, so I doubt there will be much new here this week, but then again you never know. (I can't wait for next week. I'm off Wednesday-Sunday!!)(Hey Thummy, wanna play?)

Hasta, y'all.


jacob ellard said...

ok now i feel bad for wanting to kick doug's ass. sorry, doug, didn't mean to be mean. but if it was someone else, then yes, i meant to be mean.

Turtle said...

Kind of figured it was him all along. I was just having too much fun insulting him....

Anonymous said...

Me like!
We'll have to set up a chat day on one of your days off. :)

Thumi said...

Marius, K&T and the twins will be over thurday for non-turkey day. My red-neck sister will be here on Saturday. You and yours are always welcome to join us, we have plenty of room. And I always accept an offer to cross swords.