Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And The Winner Is...

Well, it is done. Some good, some not so much, but We The People have spoken. The Democrats have taken back the House, and gained ground in the Senate, and Democrat Bill Nelson crushed Katherine Harris by more than one million votes. On the not so good side, Charlie Crist will be our new governor. While I'm somewhat disappointed in that, I don't think he will be a bad governor, I just don't agree with most of what he stands for. And the scariest outcome is Republican Ronda Storms' victory in the Senate race. For those of you outside of the Tampa area, she is the charming lady whose public intolerance for any sort of Gay Pride celebrations made me long for the open-mindedness of Anita Bryant. But, overall I think we have gotten a more balanced government after this. I don't want to see one party having total control over the legislature. When they actually have to work together, things can only get better...or at the very worst not change much. Anything to stop the tailspin we're in has got to be a good thing.

I hope.



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Anonymous said...

What has this election done? More proof that the devil does walk the earth! Listen up liberals and other sinners the greater the sin the greater the punishment. Se enjoy the senate and congress the repubicans still have the president. Come next election people will be tired of liberal lies!

Anonymous said...

^^^ this guy can't be serious! "da debbil wawks da erff!"

Jacob E.

Turtle said...

"da debbil wawks da erff!"


Yes, *it* is serious. Can't rightly say it is a "he"; there are no clues to its sexual orientation, as it is too cowardly to reveal a name, but we have determined that it is a right-winged, yellow-bellied, bible-thumpin homo-basher(tm).

Watch as it spews cliches! Laugh at the knee-jerk reactions as its world comes crashing down around it! Stare in amazement as it acuses all others of lies, while be led, blindly, by the biggest liar of all!!! Yes, folks, it's the Party Blind Republican! Coming to a blog near you!

Anonymous said...

you really should post more often. all of us college kids with no lives enjoy your liberal propaganda.

i'm reminded of a verse from the Bible. found in the book of Moses, chapter 36, verse 28:

"And all who doth wear blue and vote for those who swing to the left, ye shall be the chosen among YHWH's children."

Jacob E.

Anonymous said...

The reason he cannot blog more is that he has to watch cnn and other liberal shows to get material. Like most liberals he canoit think on his own

keith said...

HEY you need to recommend a good online game, my gf and I are free trialing world of warcraft, but its not worth $15 a month plus buying the game.

and sadly brenda does not like diablo 2...... :(

pikaresque said...

Marius, someone is seriously
trying to jerk your chain!

Blog On, my Brother!


Jacob Ellard said...

well my dear anonymous friend, how about you use some fucking SPELL CHECK before you come on here and insult someone's intelligence.

i "canoit" keep myself from wanting to kick your ass.

Marius said...

I can safely say that City of Heroes totally rocks, and is well worth the $15 a month, and assuming I can get my ailing computer fixed anytime soon(it has some pretty debilitating hard and software issues right now), I'll be flying around Paragon City again soon. Be warned, though, it is a very, very graphics intensive game and will push your video card to it's limits.

Turtle said...

Like most liberals he canoit think on his own

Well, aside from the spelling errors, this is the third time this very week I've heard the exact same comment from weepy-eyed Right-Wingers. Kind of ironic, huh?

These Ann Coulter zombies need some new material....

Turtle said...

Personal note to Jacob

Maintain your temper with this goob. There are some good Republicans out there, who are accepting their major loss with good grace, and are moving on to a better tomorrow. Our little anonymous friend is not one of these.

"It" is obviously an idiot, with the mental prowess of a pile of dung, so don't empower it any by getting angry. Have fun with the rest of us and enjoy insulting it!