Sunday, October 29, 2006

George W. Bush: Jedi Idiot

We join the press conference already in progress.

"Mr. President, do you still say that 'stay the course' is your philosophy for the Iraqi conflict?"

"IIII neeeverrrr said 'staaaay the coooourssssssse." [wave]

"Mr. President, you and nearly every member of your staff has been repeating that phrase at any and all opportunities. And what's with the little hand wave?"

"Youuu will forgeeet that youuuu eveerrr heard us saaaaay that."[wave,wave]

"Um, ok, I'll wave back if that makes you happy, sir. But we have dozens of video clips of you and your staff saying 'stay the course'.

"Dammit, Rove. It's not working. Get Snow in here! Um...ahem...Yooooou will goooo baaack tooooo yoouuuur stuuuuuudio and eraaaaase those videooooos." [wave,wave,wave,wave]

"Mr. President, I'm sure this is all quite amusing to you, but the press has a responsibility to the public to show the truth. I will not erase anything. And I respectfully request that you stop waving at us. Ah, Mr. Snow. Perhaps you can shed some light on things for us?"

"Certainly. We feel that the phrase "stay the course" doesn't capture the dynamism of the tactics America and its allies are employing."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He's a Sith! Run for your lives!!!!! NO MORE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

I suppose you prefer a world where kerry was president and iraq nuked us. Either join the fight against terror or leave the country you idiot!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell no!...I thought that there was no absolute way that there was ANYONE still in America who wasn't convinced that we have an illiterate president, who can't for the most part, form a coherent sentence without help! I thought your blog was very fitting...

Marius said...

Actually what scares me the most about that oh-so-eloquent comment is that if there is one person out there dumb enough to believe that Iraq was an actual threat to us, there must be more.

Turtle said...

Niiiiice! Yet another complete and total "if you ain't wid us, you is agin us" moron. By the way, you capitalizationless twit, just in case you're still tuning in, Iraq did not have nukes, nor was there any proof of WoMD.

Yes, Hussein was oppressing his own people, but was hardly a threat to our country, other than uttering an idle threat to Dub's pappy.

So go sit in your tiny, terror-ridden corner that your Republican cronies have painted you into, and leave people with the capability of free thought alone.