Monday, October 16, 2006

Silence, Coffee, and the Occasional Cat Fart

It's Monday morning. 5:18 to be precise, and it's very quiet in Castle Marius. The only sounds, now that the feline contingent has been sated with compressed picine parts, are the gentle sighing of the fan, and the hum of the fridge. My synapses, fired by the gift of Juan Valdez, feel like an old Frankensteinian lightning machine just waiting for Eyegore to give them a whack. 'Not the third switch' I seem to hear. Screw it! Yes, the third switch!!

Mark Foley. Many, many years ago I did a play with him at the Lake Worth Playhouse. He was a nice guy, and despite being a Republican I always thought he was one of the good ones. But then again, I suppose Job himself would deliver himself unto evil if he stayed in DC long enough. I do find it hillarious, though, that all these Republican and conservative spin-meisters who are trying to, if you'll pardon the pun, blow this whole thing off as unimportant are the same ones who, just a few short years ago, were beating their breasts and claiming that a blow-job was the end of government as we knew it, and that the recipient should be rode out of town on a rail. My how the worm hath turned.

The Buccaneers finally won a game this weekend in a 14-13 squeaker over the Bengals. Things will be a bit happier in T-Town today.

I have created a new character in Champions:Return to Arms, which is Mrs. Marius and my new video game obsession. His name is Grapthar, and he wields a mighty hammer. (if you get this joke, let me know that I'm not the only obscure geek out here)

As a recent convert to I-tunes I was dismayed to find that Harvey Danger's song Flagpole Sitter is not available. Dang!

Sand makes for a very boring conversation, unless, of course, the words 'ass crack' are involved.

So over the last few days Mrs. Marius has been trying to get me to decide if we are going to stay here in Tampa or keep looking for something better. She wants to go to Culinary Arts school, and can't start it if I can't stay in one job for more than a year. So, I'm going to bite the bullet and stay a high school teacher for the time being, unless something better comes along that does not require us to move.

Pray for me. ;-)

Well, after perusing the headlines and finding nothing but doom and gloom, I'm going to sign off now. Y'all take care out there now. Keep those cards and letters coming.

Good night, everybody!

hee hee


keith said...

my friends and I could not do champions, we tried with four people, but it took us 5 minutes just for everyone to do the menu's to level up, or equip stuff

Anonymous said...

Shame Marius. Worrying about such little things when elections are next month. 1) we have dominion over all the animals (says so in the Bible). Thus, they are a resource like gas, food, etc...2) You are in Florida, your republican rep is in a bit of trouble. MAKE SURE TO SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN REPLACEMENT!!!! With the makeup of the courts, if we can retain the congress ROE V WADE will soon be ABORTED!!