Thursday, October 26, 2006

Justice is Served

A vicious animal has been put down. Yesterday, at 6:13pm Danny Rollings was declared dead. I don't normally advocate the death penalty, but in this case it was totally, unquivocally, and absolutely justified. Most of you probably remember reading about the Gainesville murders back in 1990. I remember because not only did I attend the University of Florida for my freshman year, but I still had/have lots of friends in G'ville. I feared for them all, for this monster didn't just grab coeds off the street, he invaded apartments, killing, mutilating, and then posing the dead before moving on to kill again. There could be no rehabillitating this creature, no punishment harsh enough to fit his crimes. Even the civilized man I try to be would not have objected had the execution been less humane. A lot less. You can read more details, should you wish, here.

Perhaps the souls of those five young people will rest a bit more easily now.


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