Saturday, October 08, 2011

More Babyness

Things I've learned in the past 6 weeks:

When people learn you're having a baby they all say 'well, guess you won't be sleeping much' or words to that effect, but what they don't tell you is that you will get plenty of sleep, just in 45 minute increments...which is far more mind-crushing than just staying up all night.

I used to think that people who took their babies out in public with only a diaper on were lazy parents. Now, after changing diapers on the average of every 25-45 minutes I wonder why we ever bother to put clothes on her. And wouldn't Velcro make more sense in the diaper region of onesies than snaps?

"Shhh, you'll wake the baby!" Carries more weight in my world now than "Run, the missiles are coming" would.

When Sharon smiled at her mother for the first time yesterday, and I mean a real, "Hey, I know you and I like you" smile, my heart nearly exploded with joy. And when she gave me a smile this morning, I almost wept.

Until she is more aware of her environment, which is happening very gradually, we can't plan to do anything. Even typing on the computer is contingent on her either being asleep, like now, or being with Mrs. Marius.

We took many precautions to make sure the cats didn't bother the baby, but they are either indifferent to her so far, or actively afraid, so it hasn't been an issue.

I never could have anticipated my feelings for Sharon. Even at her most frustrating I can't imagine life without her anymore. When I'm at work, while part of me is relieved at having both arms free and not being damp with regurgitated formula, I miss her every minute, and can't wait to get home to her.

Oh, and for you statisticians, she's just under 10 pounds, and probably about 21-21" or so now.

And now I'm going to make a mad dash for the bathroom before she wakes up again.

Love y'all!


Janet said...

I'm so glad she is doing well. She is a cutie for sure! :)

Agustin said...

(In case this message goes wrong and is difficult to read, it's because I tried to use HTML format in it)

Hi Admiral:

I have just realized that I never said anything about your baby.
That is very unconsiderate from me. I apologize.

Congratulations for having your baby! I hope everything goes allright with her. I'm glad you already have that special bond between father and daughter.

Nice photos! It's really interesting seeing Sharon (and her dad) as they grow.

Sorry for not saying a word about her in my recent audio comment for Starbase 66. I should have commented about her.

I hope Sharon rests more in the next weeks, so you (and Mrs. Marius) can rest better as well.

Say hello to the StarBaby for me.
See you some other time.

Agustin Chancusi

PS: In the upcoming battle between the StarBaby and the AtomicBaby to decide who is the true Highlander I will support Sharon.

Sam Estep said...

Where is the like button when you need it! You have the makings of a great dad. Congratulations again.

flurrious said...

Why are babies about a million times more adorable when they're wearing something sleeveless? I don't get it, but it's like, "IT'S HOT IN HERE AND I HAVE PUDGY BABY ARMS" which I find unbearably cute.

Greg said...

I need a "Like" button for Agustin's comment. Congratulations, indeed!