Friday, October 21, 2011

Of Injections and Baby Stats

So Sharon is two months old now. She had her first round of vaccinations yesterday, and while I see no evidence of her gaining any super powers, neither does she seem to be any the worse for wear, so we'll call it a wash. Coincidentally I got a flu shot yesterday, and I also cannot perform any superhuman stunts. Sad, I know. As for Sharon's current stats, she is 10.8 pounds, and 21 inches long. She eats like a horse, and can already scoot all around her crib at night while she's sleeping. We finally bit the bullet and invested in a motion monitor that goes under her mattress so she can sleep on her tummy and we'll know immediately if she stops breathing. It has allowed all of us to actually get some sleep, although still not enough. Today she woke up at 2:30am, then at 4am, then made enough noise at 5am that I thought she was waking up, and so I got up, made her a bottle, and when I went to get her she was sound asleep. Methinks once she's mobile we'll have quite a little handful.(and I kind of pity the cats)

She can be quite grumpy sometimes, but then she turns on her crippling cuteness rays, and all is rainbows and puppies. Here, allow me to demonstrate:

Mrs. Marius is in her first week back to work, and I think she's glad to be doing something other than transporting and feeding our little darling. I have a show opening in two weeks, but the build is going well, so the stress level isn't too bad. I could just use a little more sleep. :-)

Peace out, y'all.

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Stinkypaw said...

Those pesky hickups are too cute - she's a cutie and I see a lot of you in her... try to rest when and where you can.