Sunday, September 18, 2011

Starbaby Update

So, it's quiet. The living room is dark and the TV off for the first time in weeks it seems. My Mother-In-Law, who came down a week before Sharon was born, just left to go back to Mississississississippi (sorry, I never know when to stop with the i-s-ses) and I took first shift with the baby and sent Mrs. Marius to bed. We're trying to get Sharon to sleep on her back and not on one of us, and we have had some modicum of success. She still won't go to sleep on her own, but if we time it right and put her in the play pen after she's asleep we can sometimes get her to stay there. But for most of her three weeks of life she's been in someone's arms, with the TV and at least one light on. So now it's dark, quiet, and aside from a few squeaks and grunts over the baby monitor it's been about 45 minutes without any complaint. I don't dare hope for an all night snooze, but if she'll sleep for at least another hour I know the missus will appreciate it.

Otherwise it's been a fairly normal few weeks. Work is going well, and my class seems to be a good bunch so far. My brother stopped by last week to meet his new niece and took me to lunch, and we haven't invaded any more sovereign nations lately, so I'll call it a win for now.

And now I'm going to watch some more of the Wild Wild West DVD that's in my disc drive, but let me leave you with some more pics of my world's most adorable baby. :-)


Scott Redman said...

Awesome, sir! You seem to be enjoying fatherhood.

Pntherpaw said...

Rick, when you need a reminder of life outside of the paternity bubble, check this out:
Fodder for a future column.