Thursday, May 19, 2011

Suzie DidnWannaDoIt...But We're Glad She Did

A couple of years ago we at Starbase 66 had the incredible pleasure of interviewing Suzie Plakson who played several of our favorite characters on various Star Treks, as well as tons of movies and TV shows, and it was of our most popular shows. She is such a dynamic personality as well as a woman of many talents, including singing and songwriting. Well last week she contacted me to tell us about her new music video, and asked me if we'd mind telling everyone in the world about it. Well, of course we don't mind, and actually she ended up coming on the show again and we had another fabulous chat with her (which you'll be able to hear on Monday, should you be so inclined). But, without further ado, here's Suzie Plakson's wonderful video. And if you dig it, go to or iTunes where you can get the whole album.

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