Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God of Thunder

We saw Thor yesterday. I enjoyed it very much. Don't worry, I won't spoiler it here, not that there is that much to spoil. I mean, this is A) A comic book movie, and B) A summer blockbuster, so we're not talking overly complicated plot lines and deep, meaningful subtext. What we are talking is incredibly hunky guys, lots of fiberglass armor, swords, spears, monsters, 'splosions, and a surprising lack of female titillation. The three main women in the movie, Natalie Portman, Jaime Alexander, and Renee Russo all spend the film wearing...gasp...clothes! Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, spends at least one scene wearing only a pair of jeans that he probably had to endure some uncomfortable manscaping to avoid the R rating in, but he didn't seem to mind. Compared to Marvel's other offerings to date I'd say that Thor is not as well crafted as Iron Man 1, nor as mindless as The Incredible Hulk, but has plenty of action, a touch of (slightly) unmotivated romance, and CGI effects that, for once, look pretty damned good. My only quibble, and this may just be a result of my own unfamiliarity with the source material, is that a lot seems to go on that is not explained. But, then again, this is one part of the puzzle that Marvel is building, and maybe all will be tied up in a later film. But as fun, sometimes silly live action cartoon movies go, Thor gets one big hammer-of-the-gods up from me.

Let the summer games begin!



Janet said...

I thought it was freakin awesome and I want to see it again already! I thought Hemsworth sounded just like Heath Ledger, and that's a good thing. :-)

Turold said...

What part didst thou not comprehend? I was a minor fan of the comix back in the day, so know a little. (It followed the basic idea of the comic, but in a modern, movie kind of way...)

forget_who_you_are said...

I concur with Janet on his voice. I blinked in startled realisation when I first heard him speak. It's a bit eerie and I'm not sure if it means I automatically like this actor or dislike his voice reminding me of Heath's death.

I did enjoy the movie and agree with you on all of your points, especially that R rating. Things seemed to happen a bit fast considering how long he was on Earth. At the beginning I was waiting for something to happen sooner since I knew he had to spend a deal of time here on our planet.