Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 Day Film Challenge-Day 21 - My Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film

As you might imagine, this was a tricky one. How could I narrow it down to just one? Well, actually, it soon became clear that there can be only one...Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan. I tried to recall my first viewing of this movie, but I can't, and that puzzled me for the longest time, but I just finally figured it out. We were so disillusioned by Star Trek: The Motion Picture that even though there was no chance we wouldn't see Wrath of Khan, we didn't expect much. Boy, were we wrong! This film had everything a Star Trek fan could want. The characters got along and actually liked each other again. The uniforms were wildly impractical but looked awesome again. And the space battles were AMAZING! And then, of course, there is Ricardo Montalban's magnificently malevolent performance as the mad superman, Khan Noonien Singh. Sure it had plot holes you could drive a starship through, and silly melodramatic moments like Scotty bringing his injured nephew to the bridge instead of sickbay, but the overall feel and flavor was quintessentially Star Trek, and it remains my favorite Trek movie, and my favorite Science Fiction film.

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