Monday, February 28, 2011

Microbes 10 Humans 0

Last week Mrs. Marius started coughing. The cough got worse, and worse, til finally she went to the doctor. The doctor, in a rare moment of insanity, told her she had a sinus infection (because those always make you hack up a lung every 30 seconds) and put her on antibiotics. Keep in mind that she's pregnant, which does have a negative effect on the body's immune responses at first, so I hoped I'd be spared sharing in her symptoms. Wouldn't that have been nice? No dice. By Friday I was in danger of coughing up my sternum and felt like I'd been gargling with barbed wire. So I went to the sawbones myself. Two swabs up the nose (no flu, thank Ipthar), and one bottle of very nasty antibiotics later and the weekend at Castle Marius sounds like a TB ward. I missed two days of work last week, as much out of weakness and general feelinglikecrappery as not wanting to share these lovely little viruses with my beloved and valued coworkers, so I did my best to take it as easy as possible this weekend. Saturday I felt a bit better, but my lady was worse, so she went in to the doctor again, and this time was correctly diagnosed with bronchitis. So we both spent most of the weekend doing nothing but coughing, wheezing, and expectorating. Don't you wish you were here? I did learn a few things during my convalescence, however. Firstly it seems that Law and Order has been in production since at least the late Middle Ages, and there are over 1.4 million episodes being shown in constant rotation on every known TV station. Secondly I,Robot was a much shittier movie than I remember. Thirdly, based on what I saw of the Oscars last night, Kirk Douglas died five years ago, but no one has told him yet. And lastly, don't schedule being sick at the same time as your pregnant wife. It really takes any hope you have of sympathy away.

See y'all at the morgue.

Marius the Unclean


Janet said...

Oh wow! That was very, uh, descriptive there. ;) Hope you are both feeling better soon.

forget_who_you_are said...

You're infected with the paxilon I say! I had bronchitis a couple years back, in December. I could hardly walk across campus without dieing, my lung capacity was shite. I hope you come into work today! We miss you <3

flurrious said...

Did you watch The Price is Right? It's not really a sick day if you don't watch The Price is Right. Although now that Bob Barker is retired, it's probably not the same. Hope you both get better soon.