Monday, November 23, 2009

The Muse is Upon Me

Hi, oh long suffering and patient denizens of the blog-o-sphere, and welcome, I'm not really sure what's going to happen here, so let's just leave it at welcome, m'kay? Events have been truly strange of late here at Castle Marius. The COA is doing her best to drain our bank account, and our sanity, one broken retainer at a time, but she is away at her father's for Thanksgiving, so yes, Mr. Poe, there is respite, respite, and even a bit of nepenthe hereabouts this week. We'll also be having house guests today as my In-Laws (should that be capitalized?) are coming in for turkey day. My wife's work schedule has recently changed, putting her on a different shift, and thus moving her to the bottom of the 'can I have any freaking holidays off' list, so since we can't go to them, her folks are coming to us. This may be a difficult holiday season this year, as last Thanksgiving was the last time I saw my mother conscious. I fear I'm not really looking forward to the next several weeks.

On to happier things. This podcasting thing seems to not be going away. We just recorded our 40th show last night, and we are just having more and more fun with it. We even started having some pretty high profile guests, and hope to have more in the future. I won't flog it too much here as those of you who would enjoy the show already listen, and those of you that wouldn't, dont. :-) It is interesting, though, that I have always searched for that 'one thing' I was really good at, with little success. Yes, I love my job, and I'm not bad at it, but it is work. I had always heard of artists or scientists who would get so into their work that they'd forget to eat, or lose track of time, etc. and I'd never felt that sort of all-consuming inspiration...until now. I love podcasting, and judging by the feedback we've gotten, I'm good at it. I even got a brief email from our most recent guest, a woman who has been involved in the entertainment and literary business for many years, complimenting me on my editing of the show she was on. And even cooler is the fact that Herb Solow, the man who was even more responsible for Star Trek ever getting off of a piece of Gene Roddenberry's stationary and onto a sound stage, is interested in doing a project with us in the not-too distant future. I can't go into the details yet, mainly because there aren't any, but I can ask y'all if you could ask any questions about the creation/production of the original Star Trek please let me know what they are. If Herb can't answer them, they can't be answered.

I'm sure you are all much like the above kitteh, so I'll bore you no longer. Be groovy, y'all, and have a happy Thanksgiving.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the podcasting is going so well! Sending sunny smiles your way.

Stinkypaw said...

Yep that was me falling asleep, except for the furry part! ;-)

Happy to see you back and hope to see you around a little more, like that Monkey who swang by before me! ;-)

Purple Pigeon said...

hehehe v cute kitty moment!

By the way, it might interest you (read; probably not) to know that i saw the Star Trek film the other day, and it was my first ever contact with the Star Trek universe.

Simon pegg was v amusing, though I'm not quite sure what winona ryder was doing in there...
All in all, v good. Better than star wars episode one, which J took great pains to make me watch, but i accidentally fell asleep halfway through. Ho well.

Marius said...

Monkey: :-D

Stinkypaw: I'm going to try to be less invisible.

Pigey: It brings me great joy that you were able to enjoy the new Star Trek movie. And I wish I could have 'accidentally' fallen asleep during Star Wars episode one. What a massive bag of wank!

Purple Pigeon said...

Hahahahaha am going to have to use ''massive bag of wank'' in conversation! Had momentarily forgotton what a great word 'wank' is when used with such style!

flurrious said...

Meerkat! Oh, wait.

I'm glad you're enjoying the podcasts so much. It's fun to have an engrossing project, and I've been thinking lately I need to seek one out.

Hope you have a very good Thanksgiving!