Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mindy Made Me Do It

Do you ever miss being in first grade?
A better question would be 'do I remember being in first grade?'

What is one country you want to visit someday?

When you're at the movies, do you get popcorn and a drink?
Nachos, baby! And the more fake, horrid, delicious polyester cheese the better.

Would you ever want to be changed into a vampire?
Can I change my name to Lestat?

Does the thought of living forever scare you in any way?
Quite the opposite, actually.

How many annoying people do you shun off daily?
I'm surrounded by them.

Have you ever done something too embarrassing to mention?
Not that leaps to mind.

Has anyone ever told you that you had months to live?
I certainly hope I have months to live.

How many times a day do you usually eat a full meal?
Um, can you clarify 'full', please?

How many times daily do you talk to your significant other/crush?
We live together, so lots.

As a teenager, were you trusted to be alone with your significant other?
She had her own place, so it wasn't really an issue.

Do both your parents have jobs?
Not as such, no.

Do you live anywhere nearby a "hicktown"?

At family gatherings, are you more likely to hang out with the younger or older relatives?
I'm kinda running out of older relatives.

Have you ever had the power go out while you were in the bathroom at nighttime?
Yeah, it sucks.

What TV commercial are you sick of seeing?
All of them.

When was the last time someone complimented your hair?
Hmm, probably at least 10 years ago.

What makes your favorite television show unique?
Jon Stewart.

Do laugh tracks on TV shows annoy you?
Only if they are really obvious.

Do you think dreadlocks are awesome or gross?
It depends. Some people look awesome in dreads, others just look gross.

Have you ever been to
Never heard of it.

Do you know anyone named Jesus?

What color was the last piece of gum you ate?
I don't eat gum. I chew it then spit it out.

Where do you get blisters the most?
My right hand between my thumb and forefinger. Comes from screwguns.

Do you always use conditioner when you wash your hair?
Turtle Wax.

Have you ever been to a high school football game? If so, was it in warm or cold weather?
I've never attended a high school football game.


xx.Are you a health nut?
Not even slightly.

xx.What is your favorite food?

xx.Have you ever tried poutine?
I've never had the opportunity, but since all the pictures of it I've seen look like a moose yakked onto a plate it's just as well.

xx.How many times a day do you eat?
Two to three.

xx.Do you snack during the day a lot?
During the day, no.

xx.Would you rather carrots and dip or chips and dip?
Mmmm, Ruffles potato chips and onion dip.

xx.Do you like meat?
Bring me a live cow. I'm gonna carve off what I want, and ride the rest home!!!!!

xx.What's your favorite kind?

xx.What is your favorite fruit?
Ian McKellen(that joke never gets old).

xx.Do you eat fast food?
Only if Subway counts.

xx.So...what do you think of Big Macs?
C'mere, I wanna kick you someplace delicate.

xx.Could you live without a salad?
Most days I accomplish this feat.

xx.Do you drink water?

xx.Fan of soda?
Diet Coke, please.

xx.Have you ever tried beer? What do you think of it?
Oooo, someday I hope to try beer. I hear it's quite a naughty beverage.

xx.Are you a fan of the oldies?
Oldies is a genre that is constantly in flux. What the twelve-year-old who wrote this would call Oldies I'd probably call new.

xx.Finish this line...Hey Mrs Robinson____
Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey, hey, hey.

xx.Does Justin Timberlake make you gag?
He drives me to new heights of apathy.

xx.Do you own an iPod or still listen to CDs?
I don't own an iPod, but I do have an mpd3 player, and I still use CDs when it's convenient.

xx.Do you prefer listening to your music out loud or in headphones?
Out loud.

xx.What do you think about rap?
I don't.

xx.Ever heard of young dro?

xx.What do you feel like doing when you hear music you hate?
Putting a bullet through the speaker.

xx.Do you like cats?
I love cats.

What do you believe happened to the dinosaurs?
They devolved into politicians.

xx.Would you ever want a pet dinosaur?
I don't like politicians.

xx.Ever have a pet nano?

xx.What kind was it?
Well, I know what it is, but I don't know where it is.
Well, I know where it is but I don't know what it looks like.
Well, I know what it looks like but I don't know where she comes from.
Well, I know where she comes from but I don't know what's her name.

xx.What do you think about animal cruelty?
I think it's highly overrated.

xx.Do you have a pet fish?

xx.What do you usually wear on an average day?
Jeans and a polo shirt.

xx.Would you be caught in a mini skirt?
I'm told I have the legs for it.

xx.What brand of clothes do you wear?
Is black a brand?

xx.Do you care about designer clothes or clothes from Abercrombie or do you just think "who cares it's just a shirt"?
I have no idea what this question is asking.

xx.Would you rather a one piece or bikini bathing suit?
Trust me, you don't want to see me in a bikini.

xx.Do you wear matching socks?
All my socks are the same color.

xx. Ever stay in your Pj's all day?
I don't have pjs.

xx.Have you ever been in love?

xx.Does it piss you off when everyone around you is in it and your not?
Other people's relationships have no bearing on my life.

xx.Do you ever feel like telling those people to shut up when they constantly brag about their boyfriend/girlfriend?
Nope, don't care.

xx.What do you think about love at first sight?
It happened to me's a tip: just because it's love, that doesn't mean it will work. Destiny is one fickle bitch.

xx.Do you curse alot?
Fuck no!(gimme a break, it had to be said)

xx.What is your favorite curse word?

xx.Do you wear glasses?
Only to read or see things up close...and this pisses me off every time I put them on.

xx.Finish this line. If I had a pet pony I would ______
Be fucked since the yard is not fenced in.

xx.What do you think hotdogs are made out of?
The stuff of Richard Simmons's nightmares.

xx.Do you have a curfew?
Yeah, my mom says I have to be home whenever the fuck I want!!!

xx.How many hours a day do you spend on the computer?
This is a figure who's magnitude would no doubt cause great consternation, so I don't know.

xx.Would you say you are an addict?
Yeah, I'm hooked on food, oxygen, and Mythbusters.

xx.If someone took your computer for a day what would you do?
Hurt them a lot.


Stinkypaw said...

O.M.G. how can you say this about our National Poutine!! Geez... Don't let the look fool you, like many other things in life, it tastes better than it looks! ;-)

Good list!

flurrious said...

I tried beer once. Email me for details!

grumpy said...

Lol - favourite fruit, classic! Australia is awesome by the way :)