Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back From The Dead

Ugh! I asked the doctor yesterday if I'm just getting older, or are the bugs getting meaner. She woefully confirmed the latter.(and tactfully avoided the former.) Friday evening the missus and I planned to go check out the new Chinese take-out that opened down the street. As I was getting dressed her mom called(rarely a short conversation)and I settled in before the 'puter to surf. As the minutes ticked by I felt crappier, and crappier, til finally I vetoed the journey, opting for frozen pizza instead. The weekend was spent in mortal combat with billions of little armored rhinoviruses, and my forces seemed vastly outnumbered. Alas, no enjoyment of the Superbowl could be found(not that I really cared who won)but no beer was consumed either! Then, on Monday, I went to work. I thought, maybe, I might be getting better, but these crafty little bastards in my sinuses were just lying in wait. Monday night was a sweaty, yet fever-less ordeal of wakefulness and misery. Tuesday we had a meeting, so I girded my loins, and risked popping a vessel or two by taking some cold medicine(not a good thing for the ole' blood pressure) and went to work. By noon, at the insistence of my coworkers, I was homeward bound. I went to bed somewhere around 1pm, got up for dinner, and returned thence and stayed there til morning. I called the daktari and was seen yesterday afternoon(I did not go to work). Alas, as most of you know, there is little modern medicine can do against viruses, but she did give me the best thing available...ambien. I went to bed at 8:30 last night, and though there is still a helium balloon in my head, and Play-Doh in my sinuses, I feel much better. Never underestimate the healing properties of sleep.

In amongst all that this device, whose brain dump I have forestalled many times, finally gave up and needed a full re-format. It is such a pain, but I popped in the Season One of the X-Files that my Puddy gave me for Christmas, and the time flew by. I am nowhere near done reloading all the programs I need, but at least the intertubes are working properly again, and I can open Firefox. For the last few days only Internet Explorer would open, and I had forgotten how much I hate IE. If you haven't made the switch, Firefox is awesome.

On the podcasting front, the Starbase is getting rave reviews, and I thank all of you who have given us feedback. This is proving to be one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life, and I'm thrilled you like it. Please keep the suggestions and comments coming. You may have noticed the poll above about the background sound effects on the podcast. Please vote. Also, if you would like to join us on the show let me know what you'd like to talk about. We love having guests on the show, or at the Admiral's Table.

Ok, time to get the COA out of bed and into the launch tube.

Later, y'all!
Marius the Reborn


Stinkypaw said...

Hope you'll keep feeling better, do take care! I'll say it, you are not getting any younger... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

It's all those students carrying all those germs!

rosebuckle said...

Opps, I'm anonymous

Anonymous said...

That's what you get for your comments last week. Sinners in the hands of an Angry God!!!!!!!!

flurrious said...

A numbered list, because I haven't been here in a while.

1. I am angry with Bloglines. According to Bloglines, you haven't posted in over a week. I hate Google Reader, but I may have to switch.

2. I completely agree about Firefox. I waited far too long to switch over from Explorer.

3. I hope you are feeling better. (I am not listing these in order of importance. Obviously your health is of more importance than my annoyance with Bloglines.)

4. I can't remember what #4 is.

Marius said...

Stinkypaw:Gee, thanks. :-p

Monkey: Gracias!

Rosebuckle: Yeah, kids are the number one cause of disease. They should be outlawed. ;-)

Doug: Is that similar to dinners in the hands of a hungry dog?(oops, I mean anonymous) ;-)

flurrious: Nah, annoyance trumps whining about colds any day.