Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Circle Is Now Complete

I just got back from seeing the final movie on my holiday 'want to see' list. But first, a disclaimer: If you didn't care for the first AVP movie, or if character development is more important to you than action, then you need not read any further. If, however, you revel in the spectacle of cosmic smack-down peppered with stereotypical, disposable people have I got a flick for you. AVP: Requiem picks up where the first movie left off. The last surviving Predator that was rescued from the Arctic gives birth to an Alien that, in the first really well done example of this, is Predatoroid. It causes the ship to crash in the woods outside a small Colorado town, and then proceeds to be fruitful and multiply. On the Predator homeworld a rescue mission is launched consisting of a single Predator, who then proceeds to act like a homicidal Man in Black , getting rid of every alien it can catch, as well as the human bodies...well, at least the human bodies it doesn't kill itself. I'll admit the plot is thin, and the human characters mere sketches, but the action is non-stop and the effects nearly flawless. What little CGI there is is excellent and seamless, and the fights between the two alien species are spectacular. There is even a nifty tag at the end that connects the two AVP films to the future Alien movies. So with all the above caveats firmly in mind, I recommend this movie as a fun popcorn muncher of the highest grade. Enjoy.

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Stinkypaw said...

I like those type, for a brainless evening. Reads like a good rental...