Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Whaddya Think?

Ok, I have finally decided to try to get out into the higher reaches of the blogosphere with a more topical blog. I have a video blog idea that someday I'll start, but hardware is the problem with that, but until then I am trying to choose between two themes. One is to be called something like 'Moderate Majority' or something along those lines, and it would be a political blog attempting to motivate those of us who populate the vast, ignored ideological areas between the cacophony of the left and right extremists. The other idea, whose title eludes me for the nonce, would be somewhat akin to Mythbusters, wherein I would assail 'common wisdom' and attempt to debunk the plethora of 'they say' misinformation out there.

So, whaddya think? Good idea? Bad idea? Which sounds the most interesting to you? And do you have a better idea for a title? I won't be shutting down The Corner, but I'd like to see if I can get the elephant to hear me.


Anonymous said...

Fun idea- but it sounds like a lot of work. Either would involve a fair amount of research to be done well. That, coupled with the interwebs appitite for constant updates would leave me exhausted. But then again, I am very lazy.
Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

I probably wouldn't read either of the other two. . . I like this one just fine. . .but then you know how lazy I am!


Turtle said...

While I enjoy your occassional diatribe toward all things politic, I probably wouldn't enjoy that very much. Arguing politics is much akin to banging one's head against a brick wall, to get through to those on the other side. Those who are with you, are already on your side... You'll never reach the others, and most likely end up with a headache...

Do what you desire, and I'll still visit regularly, but I don't so much mind the random fluffiness of The Corner.

Anonymous said...

Well.... I fear you are wanting to please everyone who visits your little corner here.
Not everyone will have the same opinion my friend. And the friends I measure in the highest esteem are those that say how they feel, and I don't have to guess if it's for real or pandering or pacifying.

In trying to give something to everyone, you will give less of the real Marius to all.

Maybe I misunderstood.

I happen to like the mix of passionate politcal rants, with amazing science facts, with brain wanderings that lead us to a very weird place...your mind.
For the love of Pete, don't change it.

Be Marius.

I'm with Celebhith.
We like this one just fine.

just one Kitty's opinion...

rosebuckle said...

If the purpose was to voice opinions you do not wish some readers of this site to read then I could understand the need. This would not seem to be the case as you are polling for opinions, so I fail to see the need to compartmentalize. But hey, it's not brain surgery, do what you want!