Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anyone Got Any Cheese?

So last Thursday I had to leave the uniform sales store after work and drive up here to Tampa so I could attend a meeting at the college on Friday. I spent the weekend at home, and at 6am Monday drove back to the store. Then, Tuesday night after work I drove back up here for an all day meeting today. Tomorrow morning I drive back to the store to work Thursday and Friday, and then I drive back up here after work so Mrs. Marius can work a double on Saturday at the sports bar-and-grill where she has finally begun working. Then I start at the college Monday morning. Summer vacation my ass!

I know, bitch, bitch, bitch.

Marius the Venting


Turtle said...

::cue Elvis music::

"Welcome.... to my world!"

Kind of like working your day job, going to the night job, then driving to Tampa after...

Perhaps we can share a Wah-mbulance...?

Anonymous said...

Is the worst nearly over? Once class starts you are back on one job- right?

Anonymous said...

Still, it's been nice to have you stay with me. I hope it wasn't ALL bad foryou!