Saturday, August 18, 2007


So last night, after a rather nasty encounter with some canine created 'debris' I needed to rinse off the shorts I was wearing. So I tossed them in the shower, turned on the water, and let them get good and wet. I picked them up, and began to scrub out the offending material when I felt, with a sickening realization, the unmistakeable shape of my cell phone in the pocket. I did what I was supposed to, and removed the battery and left it open all night. Alas, it was not working this morning, so I must to Radio Shack to find the tiniest of screwdrivers so I can more fully open the thing to let it dry out. So if you can't get in touch with me this weekend, I'm not being standoffish, my phone is on the clothesline.


Marius the Dumbass


K said...

Ah- that explains why you did not get my call last night. When you do get the msg don't panic. I tell you about it later.

Stinkypaw said...

Those things do happen... at least it did to me as well! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Would it be appropriate to say "shit happens"???????