Sunday, July 08, 2007


Hi Honey, I'm home! Whew, what a long strange trip it was, but I'm back home for good now. So, what's that picture about? Well, I'll tell you. Yesterday, around 11:30am in Camino Ruiz, California, police were called to a Wells Fargo bank for a reported robbery in progress. Jacob Johnson, 24, and his friend Jeffrey Russell went into the bank so Jacob could open an account. But upon their exit they found several police officers, guns drawn, surrounding them and putting them under arrest. The cause of the kerfuffle...a realistic, life-sized belt buckle that looked like Jacob had a semi-automatic handgun stuck in his pants. Eventually the cops realized the truth of the situation, and released the men after pointing out to Jacob what an 'idiot' he was for wearing that thing. I have to agree with the cops on that one. Even if it's a cool belt buckle, not that I think it is, but to wear something like that into a bank is just plain stupid. I wonder if he's the type to wear a turban to the airport as a lark.

In local news, I have had my first instance of censorship. One of my students from the high school, one of the good ones, has been visiting The Corner for a few months now, but last night she informed me that her father feels that I'm too political for her. 'Too political' translates into 'I don't agree with his politics', plus he doesn't care for some of my language choices. I am truly sorry that she can't visit at will anymore, and I'm even sorrier that such parochial attitudes still exist in this day and age. Trying to keep ideas away from children, by the way she is 16 years old, is like trying to keep the waves away from the shore. However I told her that since he is her father, and she must abide by his rules while she lives in his house, I won't attempt to circumvent them. But, ZoZo (should you get to read this) you are always welcome here.

Finally I went to the Kennedy Space Center on Friday and spent a wonderful day there. I have many pics that I'll post later today.

TTFN. :-)


Heather said...

I'm barely awake and just home from a weekend myself, so this will be brief: At least your student has a parent who cares enough to see what his child is doing on the Internet. Shame that you and the parent don't share views so censorship is occurring, but now you understand why she is a "good student".

Anonymous said...

I am surprised by this. Surprised first that the parent would think this site is too political, as you do not cover politics too extensively. And also suprised that you would share the site with students- particularly since you have expressed so much joy about high school teaching.
Keep up with her via email. All kids can use another concerned adult who is interested in and cares about them.

Also- while the gun thing is stupid- what about the tree guy?

Marius said...

Actually she found my blog all by herself. In any case, she's one of the few students I intend to keep in touch with. She's very smart, very dedicated, and just a bit on the wierd side...but it's a good wierd. :-)

Tree guy?

Darrell said...

Mr. Taitro,
Don't believe everything a 16 year old girl tells you. especially one who has a grudge to bear against her old man.

first of all, i do not disagree with your political point of view. for the most part i am right in line with you (other than all the hate and cynicism), although you are a little more left than myself.

second, i never told zoe that she couldn't visit your site because of the political views. i told her that i didn't agree with the language you used. you are a school teacher and yet you use profanity on a site that you know your students visit. nice.

my job is to protect my daughter, mr taitro. you have incredibly huge influence on zoe. what she needs are positive influences, not so much with the hate stuff. she needs to know ALL sides of whatever political issues are occuring and try to keep an open mind instead of closing it to just one person's view.

lose the profanity and scale back on the hate and she has my permission. but i think we all know that she will be here anyway. i'm not stupid and there's nothing i can do to keep her off this site.

you have your job and i have mine. let's be responsible.

Darrell Vinson