Wednesday, November 02, 2005

And More

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jobprof said...

Remember, Gray cats are for stewing, brown cats need to be deep fried for best results. Also do not be afraid to experiment with sauces (maybe something Cuban).

Anonymous said...

So, you ALSO know how to insert pics in your blog!!!! You need to drive down here and give me a hand with this!

Oh, and the kitties went bye-bye???? I sure hope they're okay!

Marius said...

You need to download picasa, and it has a button that automatically posts pics to your blog. And the babies returned with their mother. So far we have Athena(the orange and white one), Apollo and Starbuck(two of the greys), and Momma is Artemis. The third grey seems to have flown the coop, but he was pretty much the lone wolf of the bunch anyway, so no surprise there.